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Along with roofing H2H Exteriors Ltd. offers a variety of services to improve your home or building’s exterior. Whether you need a regular maintenance appointment or a scheduled repair or installation, we have the manpower and resources to get the job done right. Call us for services in any of the following areas:



Siding is meant to shed water and protect your home from the effects of weather. There are many varieties of siding, each with their own look and method of installation. In order for siding to maintain it’s look and properly protect your home it has to be installed correctly. Our experience and expertise will ensure that everything is done properly and that your home looks as beautiful as ever.


Soffits bridge the gap between your siding and your roof line and fascia cover the vertical edge of your roof. Together they provide a visual appeal and an overall completed look to your home.


Whether you have an insurance claim, are building an addition, or just want to remodel, we can get the job done right and on time. Our experience and long lasting relationships with multiple suppliers enables us to install nearly any roofing system, giving you the freedom to choose your preference in materials, colors, and design.



Q How long before the work begins?

A: Typically 2 to 3 weeks after the contract is signed.


Q How long will the work take to complete?

A: Siding: Typically 7 to 10 days. Depends on the amount and type of siding, layout of the home,

and the weather. 


Q Do we need to be at home while the work is being done?

A: Siding: It is not necessary while the work is being performed. It is a good idea to be there

the day work begins, so if there are any questions they can be addressed.

Windows and Doors: Yes it is preferred because we will need access inside the home.     


Q How is the new siding attached to the walls?

A: We use corrosion resistant nails from a pneumatic nail gun.


Q What kind of nails do you use?

A: a. Electro-galvanized roofing nails for blind nailing. 

b. Double hot dipped galvanized nails for exposed nailing. 


Q What is the best siding?

A: Hardiplank® lap siding by James Hardie is a stable product. LONGBOARD siding is a heavy aluminium plank siding  that looks like real wood or in numerous colours. Its also available for soffits and looks great.


Q What colors are available?

A: a. James Hardie® ColorPlus® has 15 Standard Colors and doesn't need to be painted.

Q How do you keep rain water from getting into the house?

A: The siding is designed to take the brunt of the water. The moisture barrier in conjunction with flashing and window tape keep the water from getting into the wall cavity.


Q Will Hardiplank® increase the insulation of my home?

A: No Hardiplank® has a zero insulation value. However our method of installation using moisture wraps and window tape does decreases air infiltration into the home.


Q How do you manage the discarded construction debris, and what should I do to prevent flats in my tires and damage to my car?

A: Whenever there is heavy construction it is good practice to park as far from the work being

 preformed as possible. Our crews pick up and clean up every day to keep your home site as

 neat as possible. They complete a nail sweep around the areas they have been working and they

 sweep the driveway and other walkways. 


Q How many houses are the crews working on at the same time?

A: We schedule our crews so they are on only 1 home at a time. However they may have to go back to a previous house for detail work. 


Q Do you usually find much damage behind the old siding?

A: Yes Most of it is negligible and requires only minor repairs. About 30% of the time we find

water, insect damage, or structural defects which require additional work.


Q If you do find damage behind the old siding is that still covered or are there any additional 


A: If it is minor damage, (which is found in most homes), yes. If we get into a large area of damage or defects there may be an additional cost.


Q. Are all makes of asphalt shigles equal?

A. No. Asphalt singles come in a variety of qualities. We only use shingles that have exceeded our expectations and hold up well to wind and hail damage. We recommend using only quality products in all our installations. 


Q Do you work on the weekends?

A: Usually a half day on Saturday but rarely on Sunday. In periods of inclement weather we may work right through the weekend with the home owners approval.


Q Are all permits and inspections included?

A: It is not part of the base price but a salesman can include it in the price. Permits are not needed for most of the work we perform unless structural changes to a building are necessary.


Q Do you work at all when it’s raining or extremely cold?

A: Yes. Most of the products we use can be applied in the extreme heat and cold. Our crews take extra precautions in both cases. When raining we can work if it is only a light rain or mist and is on a protected area of the home.


Q How do you install the siding if it is wet?

A: When siding is saturated it should not be installed until it has a chance to dry. With Hardiplank® this only takes a couple of hours. When we know it’s going to rain we try to protect the material.


Q How do I hang things on my new siding?

A: If it is something light weight like a temperature sensor simply use a coarse screw. If it is something with some weight, like a hose reel, it will need to be attached to the framing behind the siding. Molly bolt types are not preferred.


Q Will new windows stop outside noise?

A: They will help reduce outside sounds. But have no affect on some lower frequencies.


Q How do you replace windows in a brick-faced home?

A: They remove all of the glass from the window then they collapse the frame in on itself.


Q How do you work around plants?

A: Because most homes have flower beds right up next to the home we cannot avoid them. So we try to cover, protect, or pull back out of the way as best we can. No matter how careful we are we have to get into the flower beds to work and some damage may occur.


Q What are your warranties?

A: Our standard labor warranty is 5 years. 


Q Do I need to do any preparations before the work begins?

A: Yes any of the exterior walls that have pictures or shelves; you may want to remove these because we will vibrate the walls. Even if you have something that is not on an outside wall but you are concerned about it I would remove it.


Q Because Hardiplank® siding is concrete, will the weight of it affect the structure of my home?

A: Absolutely not. HardiePlank® siding weighs 2.3 lbs per square foot. That is about the same weight as 5/8" thick sheetrock. It has been installed on over 5.5 million homes and the weight of the product has never been an issue.




For any other questions or concerns call us at 204-297-8467.


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